Simply stated, Andrew Kallenberger is not your typical bass player. His bass lines begin with a groove and explode with complexity building a foundation to his music. He possesses a hard driving technical skill, which pulsates searing rhythms.  Andrew’s musicianship allows him to cross jazz, pop, rock and soul boundaries with ease. 


Andrew Kallenberger Bass guitar
Mark Banner Drums on Sweetness, Siempre Filiberto, Sundays
Clark Bondy Sax on Siempre Filiberto, Little One
Brian Foxworth Drums on Even If I Did, Forget Me Not
Donovan Fraser Guitar on Siempre Filiberto
Dan Gaynor Keys/Organ on Even If I Did, Sweetness, Siempre Filiberto,
Little One, Sundays, Forget Me Not
Jimmie Highsmith, Jr. Sax on Sundays
Cameron Morgan Guitar on Even If I Did, Sweetness, Sundays, Forget Me Not
Farnell Newton Trumpet on Forget Me Not
Benjamin Scarola Guitar/Percussion on Little One
Steve Snyder Sax/Flute on Even If I Did



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